All businesses around the globe are aware of the importance of communicating to their customers and employees regardless of whether they are multinational enterprises such as HSBC to small businesses that are based in towns in the region.

Additionally, the significance for technology within business communications and collaboration between businesses is growing. Interactive companies are taking on their competitors.


Medium declares it is “technology has not only changed the way we live our lives, but the way we perform our daily tasks” and continues to highlight how affordable and easy communication nowadays and makes it possible for startups to invest in business communications and communication tools.

Technology’s impact on the workplace is incomparable. It is absurd to overlook how technology has impacted the way we communicate in business.

The ways businesses make use of technology to communicate include:

  • For customers using technology tools like bots, applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger or even free call platforms such as Skype and Skype It is now more simple than ever before to offer rapid, efficient and global customer support.
  • Together by using new technologies like group in IM service or calls with group members using Google Hangouts Employees can communicate with each other quickly. Technology can also help eliminate cliques and prejudices in the workplace.
  • Alongside others working in the field It is becoming much easier to get in touch with colleagues working for different companies within their industry; individuals selling products between businesses or working in a different way are able to communicate with ease using technology tools.



It’s no surprise that it’s a lot quicker to speak quickly through apps than traditional methods, such as telephones and the fax.

Utilizing workplace technology It is now possible to communicate with individuals in real-time via an app for messaging or through video calls using your tablet, PC or even an interactive displays.

There are numerous apps that work great for internal communications and are also utilized to connect with employees within the company who are in different places. Apps for business communication include:

  • Slack This chatting application is well designed, with an excellent layout and interface. It’s easy to locate chats, links, and files that can be shared, and it is possible to set up the appearance of a Google Hangout from inside the chat room.
  • Campfire The Campfire application allows group chats with password protection.
  • Wrike This is a useful tool to manage projects for small groups.


One of the biggest benefits to technological advancements in work communications is the ease it is to connect with workers who are located far away. It is clear that the modern workplace relies on more remote workers, so it is essential to have platforms in place to connect with them.

Additionally, employees can communicate even if they’re not physically in the same space. It is important to note that this isn’t always an advantage – the need to be always online has led to some decrease in certain individuals’ mental well-being However, it can be beneficial in certain instances.

It was not possible when companies relied on landline telephones and the fax machines. However, today, messaging apps and huge amounts of mobile data makes it possible.


The more technology advances the safer it will become. Utilizing emails, especially when they were distributed to everyone in the office with no security in place could lead to catastrophe. Nowadays, many apps utilize end-to-end encryption which means that the emails are only accessible to the sender and recipient.

Tablets, smartphones and Apple computers come with security software installed to make certain that they are safe from hackers. Today, security software can be purchased for Microsoft computers too.

This means that email is much less likely to be compromised. Additionally, many external programs require a password to log in and include features such as encryption, which makes the software more safe.


Contacting people via the internet, instead of writing letters, is obviously environmentally friendly. Vince Digneo, who is the sustainability manager at Adobe has stated the following ” the greenest paper is no paper at all” It is much more sustainable to make use of technology to communicate with others.

In our modern times there are fewer people who write letters in physical form. But we utilize more than 12.5 million tonnes of cardboard and paper each annually, much of this is used in the office.

So, there are many ways to reduce the amount of paper we use for instance, when communicating with one another. Instead of leaving notes for someone else such as this, save the note then send them an email. If you prefer not to notes with a post-it note on your laptop to stay in touch with yourself, you can use the Evernote sticky note service to write note notes electronically on your computer.

In the US the United States, printed documents account for 90percent of office waste, while the remaining 10% is stored in facilities.

While they’re not always utilized for business communications but we must reduce our office waste as much as we can and it is easy to start to do this through different communication methods.


When using technology to communicate things at work is more casual than the more traditional ways It is also a fun way to meet your coworkers.

Emojis, as well as GIFs are widely used in offices to add some humor to work.

This can be a great way to contribute to a relaxing and, hopefully, productive, environment.

In addition, technology used at work keeps things neat and tidy. The latest technology in business lets users streamline the information they want to view in the apps for business communications and make it easy to look up conversations. This makes for a easier experience than going through piles of mail or digging through an overflowing email inbox.


Businesses that have adopted strategies to use technology for communication at work are moving ahead in the field of customer relations.

A lot of businesses are making use of robots to their Facebook pages that can swiftly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries.

Video messaging apps like Google Hangouts are great tools to help companies communicate to international customers.

Making a fantastic application is another great method to make use of technology to build an excellent customer relationship base and to communicate with your customers.

Users who often make use of the services offered by an organization will download the application and make use of it to reach them with questions, comments or requests for improvement.


The influence and application technology and technologies in the field of business communication is growing and cannot be ignored. Although it might seem small to alter a method of communication or presentation to your colleagues, it offers many real advantages which can impact all aspects that make up the company. It can improve security, customer relationships as well as eco-friendly practices, which ultimately have an impact that is positive on the bottom line of any business.











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