How to make YouTube as a source of income

How to make YouTube as a source of income?

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How to make YouTube as a source of income? One of the most well-known social networking platforms on the internet, YouTube has been around for a long. Every month, more than a billion people use YouTube. That’s a lot of individuals!

There are many ways by which youtubers are earning by their videos on YouTube. YouTube keeps on adding many features which are beneficial for not only the viewers but also the content producers indirectly.

Despite likes or subscriptions, a YouTuber cannot make any money. To attract a certain audience and maintain them for a long time, they ask for likes, subscriptions, and bell icon hits. A video will have greater possibility of going viral if it receives more likes and comments.

Below are some of the ways that can help you to make YouTube as a source of income.


          AdSense is a key source of revenue for YouTube. Simply said, YouTubers will be compensated for each time an ad is viewed on their channel. However, prices differ among regions, populations, and even businesses (for instance, software ads may have a higher CPM than apparel ads).

The channel is permitted to begin monetization after accumulating a total of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time during a calendar year. Once the feature will be enabled, users  can sign up for an AdSense account and begin to include add-points in their movies.

Viewers  see advertisements, and the revenue will be split with the content producer by the YouTube.

Affiliate marketing 

By recommending products and turning viewers into customers, affiliate marketing has enormous financial potential. You add an affiliate link to the description, and anyone who clicks it is taken to the product page. so if someone purchases the item, you will receive a commission. There are numerous businesses that provide affiliate initiatives, including Amazon, Flipkart, Commission Junction, and others.

Create sponsored content

Numerous businesses approach and pay youtubers to showcase and review their products. Furthermore, the rates will be discussed and decided upon through conversation.


Some youtubers also charge for collaborations with other youtubers and website owners. Here also the rate is flexible and finalized by discussion. Youtubers pay to gain subscribers and fame. Website owners pay to gain targeted traffic and buyers.

Own marketing

Many youtubers have their own product to sell and own many websites which indirectly lead to more cash in bank.
Then they post related blogs and articles in their websites and bring traffic from YouTube.



To get more clear view on how YouTube monetization works look at its official website click here monetization policies


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