How to Use YouTube TV Multiview to Watch Live Sports

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service provided by YouTube, a Google company. It delivers live television from more than 85 popular broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks, as well as on-demand entertainment. In addition to standard TV channels, subscribers get unlimited cloud DVR storage and may watch on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs. It is distinct from the ordinary YouTube platform and is intended to replace traditional cable or satellite TV services.

YouTube TV is one of the best options for streaming live sports, and one of the main reasons is its Multiview function. With Multiview, you can watch up to four games at the same time. Although this may seem daunting if you aren’t a sports fan, it is one of the few ways to assure you don’t miss any activity from your favorite sports leagues. YouTube TV broadcasts NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Premier League soccer games, among others.

YouTube TV is already a fantastic choice for anyone looking for live TV without the commitment of traditional cable, but here’s how to use Multiview to get the most out of your subscription. It also provides unique access to NFL Sunday Ticket, which contains all NFL games.


What is YouTube TV Multiview?

When you watch YouTube TV in multiview, you may watch up to four live streams on one screen at the same time without navigating between channels.

  • You may see 2–4 streams shown together based on program start and end times.
  • Multiview is currently available for YouTube TV on smart TVs and streaming media players only.
  • Multiview is not yet available for web or mobile devices.

How to Get YouTube TV Multiview?

Select a multiview stream in the YouTube TV app to see all of the included live streams on your screen. The word “multiview” is usually in the title of a multiview broadcast, and the video thumbnail shows a split screen with the team logos. Because the multiview feature provides pre-set live feeds, you cannot choose which games to watch in multiview mode.

  • Multiview stream options may be visible in the “Top Picks for You” or “Watch in multiview” rows on the Home tab. To open a multiview stream, choose it.
  • To open a live game, select it from the Home tab. Select Watch in multiview if it is available.

Use the back button to exit a multiview stream.

Switch to fullscreen

You can make one channel full screen at any time when viewing a multiview feed. To go full screen, do the following:

  • Highlight the view you want to see in fullscreen using the direction pad on your remote.
  • To go fullscreen, use your remote’s Select button.
    To return to the multiview arrangement, press the Back button on your remote.


How Does YouTube TV Multiview Work?

Once in the multiview mode, highlight a stream to hear its audio. To switch between streams, use the directional buttons on your remote. In multiview mode, you will only hear audio from the highlighted stream, but you can continue to view the other screens. A white box will be drawn around the channel with the audio playing. You may also make a certain stream full screen by clicking on it while its audio is selected. This will turn off the other channels and return you to single-channel viewing mode.


What channels can I watch on YouTube TV multiview?

There are four basic multiview categories with several channel possibilities that are always accessible.

  • Sports: ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports 1, NBC Golf Channel
  • Weather: Fox Weather, The Weather Channel
  • News: BBC News, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC
  • Business News: CNBC, Fox Business Network


Watch NFL Sunday Ticket in multiview

Every Sunday, NFL Sunday Ticket customers can choose from a wide range of multiview streams beginning roughly 30 minutes before game time.

NFL RedZone: If you purchased the NFL Sunday Ticket along with NFL RedZone, your multiview options will include both out-of-market games and RedZone.
Local games: Multiview choices with a YouTube TV Base Plan will also include a few permutations of local NFL games side by side with select NFL Sunday Ticket games. Combinations are pre-determined algorithmically for your local market.

There are several ways to find NFL games on multiview on YouTube TV:

Start viewing an NFL game or RedZone at the top of your Home tab in the Top picks for you row. Further down the Home tab in the Watch in multiview row. Use your remote to scroll down to see multiview options that just contain the current game you’re viewing.


Can I select what I want to see in multiview?

No. YouTube’s major goal with multiview is to make it available to anybody who owns a television. Because most devices lack the hardware to handle multiview, they must process video feeds on their servers to enable multiview.

This means that each unique multiview combination consumes limited data center and computational resources. Because each region has distinct, local material, YouTube is severely limited in the amount of combinations that combine local feeds. YouTube strives to choose the best combinations based on predicted popularity, and we are constantly working to improve our systems.


Turn On Captions in Multiview

To enable captions for a multiview stream, first open it in full-screen mode, then push the down button on your remote until you see the playback choices. When you enable captions when in full-screen mode, they remain active when you move back to multiview.


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