Pre Bridal Beauty Tips and Preparations

Following a strict fitness and beauty regimen, as well as certain home remedies and self-indulgent spa delights, would gradually allow a bride and groom to uncover a glowing youthful self that is nothing short of perfection. Almost all beauty salons and parlors  have many beauty packages to give you pre-wedding that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Hair styling and make-up done on the morning of a bride and groom’s nuptials are synonymous with wedding day beauty. However, there is plenty of beauty preparation that can be done ahead of time.

This guide will help you get the most out of your skin, nail a photogenic manicure, and arrange the perfect time for lash extensions or hair removal.


Nothing beats nicely polished nails for making you feel groomed, and your wedding day manicure will be immortalized in photographs of your wedding bands.
It goes without saying that when you are a bride, you must pay extra attention to your hands and feet, no matter how much you have ignored them over the years. Regular manicure and pedicure appointments every 15 days will undoubtedly maintain your hands and feet nice and your nails healthy. Nail art is also popular in bridal attire these days. You can have your pick of bridal nail art done shortly before the big ceremony. Now show off your nails as you show off your engagement ring!

Experts generally prescribe gel treatments for brides one or two days before the wedding to avoid unintentional smearing or chipping.

Hair Treatments: Straightening or Smoothening:

Regular trimming is necessary to avoid split ends. Deep conditioning treatments can also help to maintain healthy hair. If your hair is coarse, dry, frizzy, and unmanageable to the point where you are unhappy with it, hair smoothening or straightening are options to consider. While both treatments use comparable materials, the approach is what distinguishes them. These treatments provide permanent silky hair without the use of a flat iron or a dryer. A month before the wedding, such a treatment should be performed.


Waxing is thought to be the simplest and most efficient technique to achieve that buttery smooth and fresh body skin that will last anywhere from 3-5 weeks, just what you need for your wedding day and subsequent honeymoon.
If waxing is your chosen technique of hair removal, begin a course of monthly waxing around 12 weeks before your wedding to get finer hair and lower overall growth. Plan your last wax two to three days before the wedding to allow for any soreness to fade.


Because your eyes are the most expressive feature of your face, you should dress them accordingly. Neatly groomed and shaped eyebrows add grace to your expressions.
If you want to entirely change the curve of your brows, you’ll need to wait up to a year for them to grow out and start over. To avoid regrowth and provide enough time for any redness to settle, schedule an appointment three days before the wedding for finalizing your shape and removing stray hairs.


Clear, radiant skin is the greatest wedding day advantage for brides. A series of professional facials will keep your skin in tip-top shape, but schedule your first appointment at least three months in advance to allow for a few treatments (skin adjusts over time, so you’ll need more than one session to reap the benefits) and to allow time for any unexpected reactions to settle.

Regular facials ensure deep washing, removal of dead cells as well as black heads and white heads, improved blood circulation, and bright, firm, and soft skin. Any facial may not be suitable for your skin. As a result, consult the salon professional, who will give you information about facials that are good for your skin type. If you have major skin concerns, see a dermatologist well before your wedding instead of planning your own face program.


Prioritize relaxation over all other preparations. A decent massage can reduce any unwanted tension, leaving you calmed, revitalized, and more prepared for the big day.
With all of the pre-wedding stress, this is exactly what you need to get rid of the weariness and stress. A calm mind, in turn, brings out the finest in your skin.

Teeth Whitening:

A smile may go a long way….hence smile!! On your wedding day, this is what you do the most. So, why not consider giving your smile a makeover? A single session of teeth whitening at the dentist’s office will make your smile sparkle like never before! Get the appointment at least two weeks before the wedding to eliminate any gum discomfort. To preserve your teeth from discoloration, avoid consuming coffee, dark sauce, red wine, and turmeric.

Body Polishing: Exfoliation and Tan Removal:

This spa treatment exfoliates and massages the skin at the same time, resulting in a young glow all over the body. It’s like getting a facial for your body! A single session lasts 60-90 minutes and will leave you with incredibly smooth, silky skin and the confidence to put your best foot forward at the most magnificent event of your life.
Start experimenting with self-tanner a few months before the wedding (keeping the shape of your dress in mind) if you want an even skin tone and all-over glow without risking streaky mishaps.

Hair Spa:

Your hair, too, requires sustenance. Regular hair spa treatments not only alleviate problems like dandruff, dryness, dullness, and hair loss, but they also include a relaxing massage, which is a pleasant experience in and of itself. There are several hair Spa masks on the market that allow you to do it at home. Simply follow the product’s instructions and your tresses will look their finest!


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