The Most Significant Tech Trend that Impacts Content Marketing

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Every each year chief market technologist Scott Brinker publishes his annual super graphic which depicts the market demand for tech products and services.

The term is often used to refer to” Martech” or “Martech 5000”, but it is clear to see the astounding increase in technology in the last eight years that ranges from 150 up to 7,040.

Alongside managing data and social media Content marketing is but one part of the world.

What trends in technology influence content marketing today?

Here are some trends that you need to keep an eye on:

Artificial Intelligence

Voice Search is taking over

Mind the Skills Gap

Don’t forget to play the Golden Oldies

AI, Bots and AI are trending and will allow you for you to customize your website. AI can quickly collect large quantities of data, and then interpret it in a matter of seconds. This lets content marketers better comprehend their target audience and provide the content that they want.

Talk walker adds a leading AI technology feature to the social media listening service. It allows users to monitor brand names in text and video.

voice search is growing in popularity. For a complete overview, check out the article we wrote on Voice Search Statistics.

However, the advent of new technologies can result in gap in skills because the work environment isn’t able to keep pace with the latest technological advancements. Content marketers should be able to accept and make use of the latest technologies.

The classics of  relevant, even as new technologies are always emerging. CMI Tech Marketing Tech Marketing study discovered that the established technology is often utilized by tech marketing.

Social media (85 percent).).

Email marketing (82%)

Analytics (77%)

Marketing automation (68 percent)

Software for managing projects, workflows, and calendars (60 60 percent)

Content creation/optimization (56%)

Content management (56 percent)

What could your business do to stay ahead of these latest trends?

Let’s take a look at the latest technology developments that could be utilized in your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence can help. We aren’t going to be controlled through artificial intelligence.

AI could be utilized to produce personalized content based on the demographics, preferences and shopping behavior, location, etc. Elise Dopson has a helpful blog on how you can maximize the use of AI in Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence.

Voice Search

The majority of people are using digital assistants like Alexa as well as mobile devices to get answers to their queries. This means they can get their answers from the top rankings, sometimes not even being able to see it or clicking on it.

voice search Searches are more intricate (3-5 words) than texts searches (1-3 words) and are mostly queries.

Consider the types of questions your readers might have when you publish content. Answer the questions. Ann Smarty clarifies that the most frequent spoken search terms are:



Complete phrases (usually inquiries).

Make your content more efficient.

Take into consideration the search intent to be the primary reason behind a search query.

You’d like highlighted excerpts to be discovered. These are the results you’ll get more often than normal results of the search on the 1st page of Google.

Utilize Schema-Structured data – The rich media excerpt between description and URL. It has author names, images, ratings and votes. You can also include the cooking times and calories.

Content marketing goes far beyond blogging.

It’s easy to think the notion that the term  “content marketing” refers to blogging. It isn’t.

You can utilize different types of formats, media or formats in order to engage your target audience and accomplish your goals.

Social media

It’s not just about deciding the right social media platform to utilize, but also the way you would like your content to be to be formatted. Instagram, for instance frequently releases new features that let users to share their content and engage in a way with other users, specifically stories..

Instagram Stories grow 15x faster than standard ‘Image and Caption posts. It’s not a surprise that the platform was home to 500 million active daily stories users across the globe in January of 2019:

Email marketing

While it is not a revolutionary technology, it’s still very well-known. Email marketing campaigns can yield huge return on investment. In the US, it’s $44 per $1. Automation will help you provide relevant and timely content that will boost your ROI.

The benchmarks for email marketing study from Get Response shows that automated emails are more open and click-through rates than regular newsletters.

Video Marketing

There’s no doubt that video is a major aspect of the online world.

Youtube hosts nearly 5 million videos per day.

Facebook currently has greater than 8 trillion views of videos each day.

The use of video marketing is an effective method to inform and engage your target audience, whether you are using live videos, like the Facebook Live or you create videos about your products for YouTube.


Although many people don’t have the time or the ability to go through blogs people can listen while in their commutes to work, or even while performing household chores. Podcasts are getting more and more popular, and content marketers utilize podcasts to communicate their message.

Statista statistics show that 70 percent of Americans have heard of “podcasting”, and more than half of them have been a part of podcasts.

Augmented Reality

YourCam Makeup has been awarded an award for its AR makeup application created by YouCamApps that lets users try different kinds of makeup.

If you’re in search of authentic creativeness, why don’t you create an Augmented Reality business card? What’s the future of content marketing?

What do you think the content industry will appear like in five or 10 years when we have the new technology? There are three aspects you can think about to plan your content strategy.

Optimized Content

Content marketing’s future is a mystery. Right now, content production outweighs demand. We’re in danger of losing everything unless we change our ways.

Instead of creating content from scratch instead, improve existing content. Let’s look at an example:

Refresh meta titles, descriptions.

You can enhance the effectiveness of your content by adding the headlines and CTAs.

Check to ensure that both the external and internal links are current and working correctly.

User-generated Content (UGC).

The consumers are seeking authentic content and should expect to see more of user-generated media (UGC).

Content that is useful and personal

Artificial Intelligence and Bots are cutting-edge technologies that can aid us in the creation of useful content that people would like to see. These technologies can be utilized to enhance our efforts to create content that is more personal as well as in a way more human.

The final thoughts

Everyday the latest content marketing techniques are developed. It is essential to choose what technologies you would like to utilize for your company and ensure that you’ve got the abilities to use them.

You’d like the Content marketing strategy to prove a hit.

Your content must be informative and authentic.

Different kinds of content can be utilized.

Lean from past experiences and quickly adapt to the present.

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