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The Most Significant Tech Trend that Impacts Content Marketing

content marketing

Every each year chief market technologist Scott Brinker publishes his annual super graphic which depicts the market demand for tech products and services.

The term is often used to refer to” Martech” or “Martech 5000”, but it is clear to see the astounding increase in technology in the last eight years that ranges from 150 up to 7,040.

Alongside managing data and social media Content marketing is but one part of the world.

What trends in technology influence content marketing today?

Here are some trends that you need to keep an eye on:

Artificial Intelligence

Voice Search is taking over

Mind the Skills Gap

Don’t forget to play the Golden Oldies

AI, Bots and AI are trending and will allow you for you to customize your website. AI can quickly collect large quantities of data, and then interpret it in a matter of seconds. This lets content marketers better comprehend their target audience and provide the content that they want.

Talk walker adds a leading AI technology feature to the social media listening service. It allows users to monitor brand names in text and video.

voice search is growing in popularity. For a complete overview, check out the article we wrote on Voice Search Statistics.

However, the advent of new technologies can result in gap in skills because the work environment isn’t able to keep pace with the latest technological advancements. Content marketers should be able to accept and make use of the latest technologies.

The classics of  relevant, even as new technologies are always emerging. CMI Tech Marketing Tech Marketing study discovered that the established technology is often utilized by tech marketing.

Social media (85 percent).).

Email marketing (82%)

Analytics (77%)

Marketing automation (68 percent)

Software for managing projects, workflows, and calendars (60 60 percent)

Content creation/optimization (56%)

Content management (56 percent)

What could your business do to stay ahead of these latest trends?

Let’s take a look at the latest technology developments that could be utilized in your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence can help. We aren’t going to be controlled through artificial intelligence.

AI could be utilized to produce personalized content based on the demographics, preferences and shopping behavior, location, etc. Elise Dopson has a helpful blog on how you can maximize the use of AI in Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence.

Voice Search

The majority of people are using digital assistants like Alexa as well as mobile devices to get answers to their queries. This means they can get their answers from the top rankings, sometimes not even being able to see it or clicking on it.

voice search Searches are more intricate (3-5 words) than texts searches (1-3 words) and are mostly queries.

Consider the types of questions your readers might have when you publish content. Answer the questions. Ann Smarty clarifies that the most frequent spoken search terms are:



Complete phrases (usually inquiries).

Make your content more efficient.

Take into consideration the search intent to be the primary reason behind a search query.

You’d like highlighted excerpts to be discovered. These are the results you’ll get more often than normal results of the search on the 1st page of Google.

Utilize Schema-Structured data – The rich media excerpt between description and URL. It has author names, images, ratings and votes. You can also include the cooking times and calories.

Content marketing goes far beyond blogging.

It’s easy to think the notion that the term “content marketing” refers to blogging. It isn’t.

You can utilize different types of formats, media or formats in order to engage your target audience and accomplish your goals.

Social media

It’s not just about deciding the right social media platform to utilize, but also the way you would like your content to be to be formatted. Instagram, for instance frequently releases new features that let users to share their content and engage in a way with other users, specifically stories..

Instagram Stories grow 15x faster than standard ‘Image and Caption posts. It’s not a surprise that the platform was home to 500 million active daily stories users across the globe in January of 2019:

Email marketing

While it is not a revolutionary technology, it’s still very well-known. Email marketing campaigns can yield huge return on investment. In the US, it’s $44 per $1. Automation will help you provide relevant and timely content that will boost your ROI.

The benchmarks for email marketing study from Get Response shows that automated emails are more open and click-through rates than regular newsletters.

Video Marketing

There’s no doubt that video is a major aspect of the online world.

Youtube hosts nearly 5 million videos per day.

Facebook currently has greater than 8 trillion views of videos each day.

The use of video marketing is an effective method to inform and engage your target audience, whether you are using live videos, like the Facebook Live or you create videos about your products for YouTube.


Although many people don’t have the time or the ability to go through blogs people can listen while in their commutes to work, or even while performing household chores. Podcasts are getting more and more popular, and content marketers utilize podcasts to communicate their message.

Statista statistics show that 70 percent of Americans have heard of “podcasting”, and more than half of them have been a part of podcasts.

Find out More about Podcasting Statistics and the latest trends.

Augmented Reality

YourCam Makeup has been awarded an award for its AR makeup application created by YouCamApps that lets users try different kinds of makeup.

If you’re in search of authentic creativeness, why don’t you create an Augmented Reality business card?

LinkedIn account user Vandana (Didi) has created the post that reads.

What’s the future of content marketing?

What do you think the content industry will appear like in five or 10 years when we have the new technology? There are three aspects you can think about to plan your content strategy.

Optimized Content

Content marketing’s future is a mystery. Right now, content production outweighs demand. We’re in danger of losing everything unless we change our ways. @justinleejw said:

Instead of creating content from scratch instead, improve existing content. Let’s look at an example:

Refresh meta titles, descriptions.

You can enhance the effectiveness of your content by adding the headlines and CTAs.

Check to ensure that both the external and internal links are current and working correctly.

Enhance imagesand videos.

User-generated Content (UGC).

The consumers are seeking authentic content and should expect to see more of user-generated media (UGC).

Content that is useful and personal

Artificial Intelligence and Bots are cutting-edge technologies that can aid us in the creation of useful content that people would like to see. These technologies can be utilized to enhance our efforts to create content that is more personal as well as in a way more human.

The final thoughts

Everyday the latest content marketing techniques are developed. It is essential to choose what technologies you would like to utilize for your company and ensure that you’ve got the abilities to use them.

You’d like the Content marketing strategy to prove a hit.

Your content must be informative and authentic.

Different kinds of content can be utilized.

Lean from past experiences and quickly adapt to the present.

9 Top WordPress Plugins for Growing Your Business


This is a list of the 9 best WordPress plugins that will aid in the growth of your business in 2022.

1. WPForms

WPForm lets you connect to your customers via an online form.

What is WPForms? It makes it simple to build contact forms, forms for email subscriptions and also online purchase forms.

WPForms are a great tool for photographers, developers, and bloggers and business owners. WPForms is a tool to build customized WordPress forms.

After you have completed your forms, you’ll get an email confirmation. WPForms is used by more than three millions WordPress users.

2. Yoast Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO is one of the most effective WordPress plugins available, has become quite well-known. What are the features it offers? The plugin is extensive and comes with a host of features that improve your On-Page Search Engine Optimization.

This plugin can assist you to create sitemaps and also incorporate meta tags. It also connects the Google search console with your site. Keyword optimization is possible using this plugin.

YoastSEO can help you reduce time and focus on the core business of your company. Additionally, you will receive greater Google or social media users.

You can also request an Readability Test and SEO Analyse to help improve your content to be SEO-friendly. Yoast increases engagement among readers and also draws more visitors via social media platforms. This plugin will help you increase your sales by providing lead generation, pay-per-click advertisements and brand recognition.

3. Super Socializer

Super Socializer is A software for social networks that allows commenting, sharing, along with social login. The plugin lets users login to your website effortlessly via their social media accounts. It is fully compatible with BuddyPress (WooCommerce), BBPress (BBPress) and others.

Super Socializer One of the most sought-after WordPress plugins lets you integrate social media tools on your WordPress website. It allows your users to connect and share your site easily.

Super socializer attracts the users via the Social Media platforms on your website to help you grow your business quickly.

4. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a completely free WordPress plugin that will automatically back up your databases and files.

Premium UpdraftPlus comes with additional features

Provides expert help.

Backups in increments

Backup all database and core WP files as well as any other non-WP file.

Other databases options.

Premium gives you the capability to restore backups from other plugins.

It is also possible to lock.

5. Booknetic

Booknetic is a WordPress appointment-booking plug-in that allows you to make appointments and make reservations directly on your website. This is a fantastic solution for businesses that provide services such as spas hotels, restaurants and many other services.

It also includes features like automatic reminders, as well as payment integration. It can also be integrated with Google Calendar to automatically add your scheduled appointments on your schedule.

It provides texts, WhatsApp and Telegram integrations which allow you to send and manage SMS messages. Booknetic can be purchased for $79 for a one-time payment.

6. BirchPress

BirchPress One of my most used calendars as well as calendar tools for events is now available. The plugin will make it simple for your clients to pay for appointments. This plugin makes your work easier by allowing customers payment for appointment as well as reservations.

Booking forms can be embedded into a page or transmitted via shortcode. This allows visitors on your website to verify availability and book reservations or bookings on the internet.

BirchPress offers a robust admin panel that manages reservations and appointments. It also permits emails to customers and employees.

7. Insert Headers and Feet

Insert Header & Footers is a powerful plugin that allows you to insert the code of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

The plugin is also easy to use, and permits users to add scripts in one location instead of having to deal with multiple plugins.

A variety of features are included in the Insert Header and Footer plugin, for example, simple setup, the ability to insert scripts , and even inserting Facebook pixels. You can also include Google analytics codes into any of the themes.

8. Smush

Smush is the most effective WordPress plugin that optimizes and compress your images is it? The plugin reduces the size of images it increases SEO, and speeds up websites. Smush was ranked as the top plugin because of its speed and quality performance.

Smush, an optimization software for images which makes your website load extremely speedy. Smush is able to compress images with just one click, without affecting quality.

9. WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache manages static HTML files as well as databases that are used for active WordPress blogs. The static caching plugin is compatible with any WordPress website. This plugin can improve the speed of you WordPress blog.

This plugin generates static HTML files directly from the WordPress blog.

This plugin is able to serve caching files using three methods:



WP-Cache caching.


Now you know the importance of using plugins on WordPress websites.

In 2022, plugins will be an essential extensions to your website that will enhance its performance and offer Web development assistance. Only install plugins you’re absolutely required to install. The larger plugins can increase the load on your website. Your site will slow because of this.

Find the best WordPress plugins we’ve suggested to help take your business to the next level by 2022.

Use these 5 steps to create your marketing plan



Entrepreneur Media Inc. guides entrepreneurs through the crucial steps of starting a business. Then, they help them to stay afloat for the next three years. These authors have edited a short excerpt to explain the basic steps of creating a business marketing plan.

Although everyone is aware that you need to have a business program, many entrepreneurs fail to realize the importance and value of a marketing strategy. A marketing plan, unlike a business plan, is focused on winning and maintaining customers. It includes numbers, facts, objectives, and details.

A marketing plan is a detailed description of all the tools and tactics that will be used to achieve your sales goals. It is your plan to achieve your sales goals. You don’t need to make your marketing plan long and complicated unless you are using it to get funding. Bulleted sections allow you to get right at the point.

Here are some tips to help you create a marketing program that works.

Related: 5 Branding Tips If You’re an Entrepreneur on a Budget

Step 1 – Take a snapshot to show the current state of your company.

This first section describes your company’s products and services. The second section shows how your company stands out from its competitors. It’s also called a “situational analysis.”

Target audiences has become highly specialized. Understanding your niche market is key to positioning your product or services competitively in any industry, including restaurants, professional services, and retail clothing shops. You need to not only be able and willing to market your product, but you should also understand the offerings of your competitors so that you can show why your product is superior.

A situation analysis gives you a quick overview of your company’s strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats. The characteristics of your business are strengths and weaknesses, while the outside factors that could pose a threat or opportunity are threats. You can determine the strengths of your business by looking at how its products and services compare to others. What competitive advantage does your business have? Your weaknesses can be anything, from operating in a highly competitive market to the lack of experienced staff members.

Next, write about any external opportunities that your company can profit from, such an expanding market for a product. Be sure to also include any external threats to your company’s ability to increase market share. Your plan will detail the steps you take to overcome these threats.

Positioning your product involves two steps. You first need to evaluate the product’s features and decide what they do for your product. Second, you need to decide which type of buyer will buy your product. What are they selling? Convenience? Quality? Discount pricing? It is impossible to do it all. It is important to understand your customers and decide what products you will offer.

Step 2: Define your target market.

Your next step should be to develop a brief profile of your prospective customers. You can also describe prospects in terms sex, age, family composition and earnings as well as lifestyle. You might ask yourself: Is my customer conservative or innovative? Leaders or followers Are they timid or aggressive Are you modern or traditional? Are you more introverted than extroverted How often do they shop for what I offer and how often? How often?

If you’re marketing to businesses, your target market may be defined based on the type of business, job title and size of the business. You can narrowly define your target audience, no matter their age. It will help you to plan your media and PR campaigns.

This is a simple technique to teach yourself online marketing.

Step 3 – Make a list listing your marketing goals.

What is your goal for your marketing plan? You might want to achieve a 20% increase of sales for your product each quarter. A list of goals should be made and made measurable to help you track when you reach them.

is a primer that will assist you in reaching your goals.

  • Specificity. Your chances of achieving your goal are higher if you make it specific. Raising capital for your company is not a specific goal. Raising $10,000 by July 1st, however, is.
  • Optimism. Be positive about your goals. Although it is a motivating goal, being able and able to pay the bills can be difficult. Your goal to achieve financial security can be expressed in a more positive light, which will boost your energy to accomplish it.
  • Reality. It’s unrealistic to set a goal to make $100,000 per month when you’ve not made that much money in a single year. Begin small by increasing your monthly income by 25%. Once you reach your first goal, you will be able to set bigger goals.
  • Long-term and short-term. The goal of short-term goals is achievable in weeks to a year. These goals can be set for five, 10, or even twenty years. Although they are longer-term than short-term goals and should be more realistic, they must still be realistic.

Step 4 – Research marketing tactics

This section represents the heart and soul your marketing plan. The previous sections outlined the goals and prospects of your marketing. Now, it’s time you detail the tactics you’ll use in order to reach these prospects.

A well-designed marketing program targets prospects at each stage of your sales cycle. Reaching cold prospects is possible with certain marketing tactics such as advertising, public relation, and direct marketing. Warm prospects are people who have seen your marketing message before and maybe even met you. They respond best when permission-based email is used, as well as loyalty programs and customer appreciation activities. Your most hot prospects are people who are open to your sales and marketing messages, and are willing to close a sale. Marketing combined with interpersonal sales contacts (email, phone or in person) can provide the final heat to close sales.

You can complete your tactics section by outlining your primary marketing strategies and then listing a range tactics you will use at each stage of your sales process. You could use outdoor billboards, local advertising, and online searches to reach cold prospects. However, you can also use emails for warm prospects.

Find out the media your target audience is using to learn more about the products and services you offer. This will help you identify your ideal marketing strategy. Broad-based media is best avoided. Even if it’s relevant to your target audience, it shouldn’t be used. The best marketing tactics must reach prospects at the most relevant time for your message.

Step 5: Set your marketing budget.

You will need to dedicate a percentage to your annual marketing budget . This may include borrowing money, borrowing money, or using existing funding to start a business. Keep in mind that marketing is crucial to your business’s success. There are many marketing strategies that can reach any niche market. Even the most limited budget will find one.

You may discover that you are spending more than you budgeted when you begin gathering costs for the tactics you identified in the previous step. Just go back to step one and adjust your strategies until you reach a cost-effective mix. It’s important to not stop marketing until you can afford the more expensive ones.

3 SEO Tips to Make Affiliate Marketing a Success



  1. Select an industry to be an associate in
  2. Choose an domain name
  3. Start by using long-tail keywords
  4. Make a logical inner linking structure
  5. Nofollow any affiliate links
  6. Use user-generated
  7. Take advantage vendor’s exclusive deals
  8. Follow SEO best practice

Affiliate marketing has become a very popular way to monetize sites. This allows you to have more control over your website’s monetization than with AdSense banners. Affiliate marketing allows to you to promote products and niches you are passionate about.

SEO is an important factor in affiliate marketing success. We’ll be discussing how to blend SEO and other marketing strategies in the most effective way.

What is affiliate market?

Many companies who sell their products online seek bloggers as partners. Affiliates work with such businesses. Affiliate bloggers work with companies to promote their products. In return, they get a commission each time a referral client is made.

Let’s start with our  PowerSuite affiliate program. When you become an affiliate partner with us, we will give you a unique affiliate URL to put on your website. If someone clicks the link and buys our product, they will receive a 33% referral commission.

In most cases, the decision is up to you as to how to promote your product partner’s product. You can promote the product to your existing audiences via email or blog posts, as well as social media. Your partner can also be attracted to you. For example, you can create a new website and bring SEO traffic and PPC traffic to it . You could also organize training courses. Launch promotional sales. Affiliate marketers can refer new clients directly to a partner’s site and get paid.

SEO on affiliate websites: Does it work?

Google doesn’t like affiliate websites. Google can and does penalize affiliate sites quite often. This isn’t because affiliate websites have bad reputations. Affiliate websites can be created quickly and with little effort. SEO can be turned into a key source to your affiliate earnings by taking SEO seriously.

You can choose an affiliate niche where you will be the most successful

Start by choosing a topic you are passionately interested in. If you are part of a niche community or already have a following, this is a good place to start.

These are the steps I recommend before you choose a niche or product.

Step 1

Consider that you own an SEO blog. SEO software is the most obvious area for your affiliate efforts. SEO is a broad topic. It’s not likely that you will be able write quality content about it all. Even if they do, it’s likely that you will just be another generic SEO blogger.

Instead, what if you focus only on one part of SEO? This will help you to be known as an expert in your field. There are many things you can do, including SEO tool reviews, a/b testers, case studies, and building backlinks. Over time, your blog can become the hub for all things SEO.

Some of the best-known SEO bloggers have actually done that. You probably know Bill Slawski (the guy who writes about Google’s patents) or Marie Haynes (an expert on EA-T).

 Step 2

It’s important that the topic you are interested in is also interesting to other people. Checking if people search for the topic and how often is a good way to tell if it’s interesting is one way to test. This will allow you to see if your keywords have a lot of search volume.

There are many options for determining keyword search volume. But we’ll use ours to illustrate. You can use the Keyword Researchtab to search for keywords relevant to your topic.

After your keyword research is complete, go to the Keyword Sandboxtab. There you will find all of the newly discovered keywords. You’ll see at the top the total number searches for all found keywords and the amount traffic you’d receive if ranking in the top positions for all.

You can also group related keywords using semantic similarity. This will allow you to create subtopics within the niche. This allows you to identify which subtopics are popular.

Step 3

Some keywords you are targeting may already have been targeted by very strong websites. It doesn’t matter how hard or fast you try, your keywords won’t rank well enough to be found by visitors. To find out which keywords are too highly competitive, go to Keyword Sandbox and look Keyword Difficulty.

Now that we have an idea of the stats, it’s the time to pick the topics to work with. It’s important to choose topics that are not as competitive but have high search volumes.

Choose a domain

This step is necessary if you want to start an affiliate website. Here are some SEO considerations.

Don’t obsess too much about matching domains

Exact match domains were popular a decade earlier, when they were a big ranking factor. Today keywords in your domain are almost non-relevant. Google uses your content to rank websites in search results. Google doesn’t care about domain names that are exact matches or require you to spend large sums of money to get a high-quality domain name.

Avoid domain names with brands

Most affiliate program rules will state that it is strictly forbidden to use the company’s brand name in your domain. Be careful when purchasing a branded Domain (unless you have the company’s explicit permission) to avoid being sued for trademark infringement.

If you’re looking to purchase an existing website, review the history

It’s crucial to examine the website’s history before buying it. You don’t want to buy a domain that has been spamming Google with negative content or poor links in the recent past. A healthy backlink profile would also be beneficial in order to increase authority.

a www.rchive.org. This is where I would first check. This is a website which logs the past versions pages from all the internet. Take a few pages from the website you want to track and see how they were in the past. Search for obvious signs of spammy or duplicate content.

It is important to review your backlink history, and overall backlink profile. Make a project in to check your backlink profile and history. A sample check was done on a website I purchased for $15,000. Incredible, this website has over 800K links, nearly all of which are follow.

The penalty risk tab shows that the profile appears to be quite healthy. Most linking domains are not subject to penalty risks.

Manual checks can be useful too, such visiting links and looking out for any obvious signs of spam. But the automated check suggests that the website is worthwhile.

Start with long-tail keyword phrases

When you’re ready and able to start creating content it’s time for you to identify the keywords that you should be targeting. Affiliate marketing is what I’m referring to, so let me switch your focus from big SEO keywords towards looking for the “low hanging” fruits.

Why? Because the brands you’ll be affiliated with have already taken up the most SEO keywords. I can also guarantee that they have more resources and knowledge than yours to win the rankings war.

long tail keywords might be what you want instead. Long-tail keywords can be longer and more specific search phrases, with lower search volumes. These keywords do not appeal enough to big brands as it is too hard work for too few results. Long-tailed keywords, however, are an ideal way to rank for small affiliate sites.

To find long-tail keyword phrases, go back into your SEO Tracker project, switch to Keyword Sandboxtab. Then, click on filter icon above the table with discovered keywords. In the popup window, you can change the length of your keywords to 3 words or more. You may also want the parameters to determine keyword difficulty and search volume.

Click ok to filter your initial list of keywords to exclude keywords without matching parameters. Just scroll down the list and find the keywords that work for your content.

What is the best way to research keywords? You can find beginner-friendly tips in our video.


A logical internal linking structure should be created

If you are targeting low-volume keywords that have a high volume (the “low hanging cherries” we identified in the previous step), it is likely that you will end up creating many pages. If your website is too fragmented, it’s important to create architecture that supports traffic flow.

This is why your site structure should be structured from the top to the bottom. Your homepage, category pages, and blog posts are directed to each other on your website.

Websites are where conversion happens on their home pages. In which case, individual blog posts would attract traffic. Internal links could direct users to your homepage.

Also, ensure that all internal links are using keywords in their anchors. This will help Google and your visitors understand what linked pages are about.

The Web Site Auditor tool can help you to understand the structure of your current website. Navigate to Website Structure Visualization, and you will see how the pages are linked together. This tool will enable you to identify orphan pages, as well as determine if there is an overall flow to your structure.

Do not follow your affiliate links

Google views affiliate links as a method of earning affiliate commissions (or in other words, another type paid link). Google would like the paid links to be removed from its link authority calculation, since they are far too weak to be considered natural authority signals. Therefore, it is a requirement that all affiliate links must have the nofollow tag.

Google may be able to automatically identify affiliate links made via popular networks like Amazon and “nofollow”, them. For those who are not part of a well-known network, a nofollow tag is recommended.

To ensure your affiliate links remain unfollowed, log in to the HTML Site Inspector dashboard. Check the Site Assessment dashboard for a list of Dofollow other links.


Utilize user-generated Content

Google may penalize your SEO efforts by burying your website with too little content, as well as reusing landing pages or product descriptions from vendors. However, it is possible that producing enough content can seem overwhelming to a small business.

The solution? Here is our top affiliate marketing tip. Allow your users to create content. Blog comments, testimonials and product reviews can all be used to add content to your SEO campaign.

Enabling user rating allows you to earn the nice-looking stars within your search engine result snippet. This makes it easy to stand out amongst the SERPs and helps to project the image a digital marketing company.


Profit from vendor’s exclusive deals

Black Fridays. Cyber Mondays. Christmas. Easter. Vendors often offer discounted and limited-time deals on many holidays.

This is good news for affiliate marketers as it allows them to easily grab commission since they can get double or triple the conversion rates with these special deals. For SEO PowerSuite Affiliates these events result in three-times the average income.

You should always ask the vendor about the future deals and plan your digital advertising campaigns accordingly.

Follow SEO best practices

This article isn’t about SEO, but affiliate marketing. We have compiled a list to help you understand SEO and what you need to do when building your affiliate website.

  1. SEO Ranking Considerations
  2. SEO checklist when launching a website
  3. List of technical optimization
  4. Keyword research guide
  5. Onpage SEO Guide
  6. HTML HTML tags for SEO
  7. Offpage Search Guide
  8. Backlink profile audit
  9. Linking
  10. Email outreach

E-Marketing: Understanding the countless options available on online Marketing


 Opportunities for Courier Companies

It’s not something that is said all the time, since few people in the Courier Industry even still understand the importance of this: The use of technology within the realm of marketing is our business’s most significant development.

In just several years it has become clear that the Internet has established itself as an extremely effective platform that has revolutionized how we conduct business and also the way we communicate. The Internet unlike any other media, has brought the possibility of an International or global perspective in the global community.

The Internet is one of the least democratic among of the media. With a minimal cost, anyone can get an online presence. Virtually every business can be reached an extremely large audience quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Size and location do not have to be factors in the realm of Online Marketing.

E-marketing, also known as Courier Internet Marketing is a element in electronic commerce more commonly called electronic commerce. It’s the use of the Internet to market and promote the sale of goods and services. World wide, many companies shift their marketing budgets towards electronic marketing. They are using a range of different strategies to meet their objectives.

The Courier industry isn’t any different. Indeed, the trends that are prevalent in the current industry of couriers like consolidation, product and expansions in service and the growth of agent networks complement recent trends and successful developments in the field of electronic marketing. This type of marketing offers numerous advantages that are not available through traditional methods.

It is the most important reason that e-marketing helps grow the market from a local one to national and international and, in a way it creates a level playing field for both big and smaller players. Contrary to traditional marketing mediums such as radio, print and television, entering the world of Internet marketing is significantly less expensive.

Additionally, because the response, exposure and the overall effectiveness of digital media are more easily tracked than conventional offline mediums, e-marketing provides an increased sense of obligation for the advertisers. In essence, each step of e-marketing is assessed and tracked and, consequently, provide immediate results in terms of the ROI (ROI) on the media in use.

Since the introduction of public Internet in 1992 the change in business practices toward new marketing approaches has seen both negative and positive strategies. As with all types of business, planning and strategy are essential to achieving success online. Contrary to the majority of companies on the internet however, the Courier business is an traditional and traditional one that typically requires an establishment that is brick and mortar strategically situated to support others, both individuals and businesses. But, since the industry is evolving in the present, reaching out to those who need to know about your business in a variety of circumstances can be done via new channels.

Although it’s fairly recent, Internet marketing is just entered a growth phase of its cycle. These are the times when economies of scale can be seen and profit is inevitable. people are aware of the concept and competition is growing. It is long gone from this being a novel concept.

In order to understand both a pulling and push marketing approach, it’s essential to comprehend the methods that can be used to attract or convince people to join your company’s delivery service. Also, knowing the demographic groups that are crucial in establishing an effective electronic strategy. There are four major groups you can target or influence to your business via electronic channels:





With regard to each group, various methods will be explored within the discussion of all four groups. First, consideration of each group is essential.


This includes individuals and businesses who currently use or have previously used your service previously. This is the biggest and most profitable group of customers that companies are unable to effectively reach out to. Understanding your customer’s needs is crucial to your success. If you don’t is, in essence, planning to be a failure. Your clients have already opted to work with you, and not being aware of their requirements potential opportunities could be lost.

simply, does each client you have know the business you run, where you’re gone, the new services that you’re offering, or even new projects. Are you aware of your client’s complete shipping portfolio and each one of their requirements? Consider this question and you’ll find that there’s not a single delivery firm in the world who would not benefit from knowing more about their customers to gain advantage.


As our industry experiences expansion in national networks composed of individual companies across the country The need to find top-quality agents is in highly sought-after. This could be a huge source of income for courier businesses, particularly those that have the experience and networks to deliver and pick up from local airports. In light of the recent changes to the public transportation system and the cost of transportation, it’s now more affordable than ever before to transport packages throughout the nation and give the big players an opportunity to compete which allows smaller businesses to be competitive at the national level and, often, with superior service and making costs affordable.


Averaging a turnover of 20 percent for contractors who are independent It is essential that delivery companies hire drivers who are culturally compatible with their courier business. While employee turnover isn’t as high, the same amount of importance is hiring the most suitable driver for your company and the clients. In many areas, attracting the right individuals isn’t easy. With more than 90% of people living in the U.S.A. have access to the internet, it is a simple way to reach out and find people who are suitable for this job.


This isn’t to be confused with customers, as this is the group of people from which couriers have historically found their revenue by the expansion and acquisition more customers. While these customers haven’t yet utilized your services however, more than the majority of couriers utilize some type of sales strategy, whether it’s sales team or a single person who is responsible for or spending their time for direct sales. Traditional methods of selling such as cold-calling is essential to generate leads, but leads can be easily generated using a variety methods.

There are many ways to market via e-mail to promote your business, in this article, only the most well-known and effective strategies will be reviewed for the use of a courier service. The methods discussed include:

Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing
Digital Presentations


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the fastest-growing form of advertising on the internet in the world. If you would like your company to be recognized through the Internet It is essential that your website be listed in the top three results on the most popular search engines, but preferably the first. “Search Engines have generated more attention for websites than any other forms of advertising, including newspaper ads, banners TV and radio” The IMT Strategies. As per the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, SEM methods include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as pay-per-click (Paid per Click also known as PPC) as well as paid inclusion.

Furthermore, in searches for business-to-business on the Internet more than 80% of users click Organic results in preference to pay per click results. Courier Marketing on the Internet is increasing at an astounding rate.

A Organic Search result the method by Internet users discover websites that have no paid search engine listings as opposed to the ads paid for per click that are displayed in results of the search.

Pay per Click (PPC) can be described as an advertisement strategy that is utilized on advertisements networks, websites and search engines to bring traffic to websites by placing advertisements strategically placed across the web. Advertisers pay a cost for every click they make on their advertisement. The costs are determined using an auction process determined by their rivals for the specific keyword or phrase.

Of the over 180 search engines within the U.S.A. The top three have around 90 percent of the market. The three top search engines are Google.com, Yahoo.com and msn.com While the sources vary in relation to market share of these three, there’s no doubt that these three are the top three in 9 out on 10 queries.

SEO stands for Search engine Optimization (SEO) can be described as an aspect of marketing through search engines. It is an approach to increase the quantity and quality of website traffic via search engines through organic or natural (sometimes called algorithmic) results from searches.

SEO is marketing that focuses on knowing how search algorithms function and what visitors to a website may be searching for. SEO strategies may include improving the code of a website and presentation, as well as the structure and robot file, and most importantly , the amount of relevant links inbound, or reciprocal hyperlinks.

At the close of the millennium, phrase “page rank” was coined by two people during their time at Stanford University. Some say that this term has changed the entire world. It actually did as this was the basis for the Google company and the algorithm employed by Google in the present.

The concept that based the quality of a website’s positioning on the search engine’s links that are inbound to the site gave the human user the most relevant results for search. In simple terms, it is a contest to vote. The more links that are inbound to a site and the more popular it was, which in turn, the more popular that site was by search engines. It’s only the remedial level. Google analyzes hundreds of variables in determining the page rank as well as the importance of the links inbound to the search term or keyword that is used. A link from sony.com to your site doesn’t assist in the search for “courier service”, however an inbound link that comes from an organization that is a national courier company is highly relevant.

This is not straightforward nor is it a planned procedure. Since companies are claiming to provide SEO services Search engines are removing web sites on their websites because SEO companies employ black-hat methods. These are tactics used to boost rankings, but are not favored by search engines and involve deceit.

It can include ‘hidden’ text that is hidden behind the background redirects, doorway pages keywords, duplicates, keyword stuffing and interlinking, to mention only a few. White Hat techniques are in accordance with guidelines of the search engines and do not involve deceit. Additionally, it guarantees that the creators create content for the users and not to be a search engine. In February of 2006, BMW Germany were banned by Google for using Black Hat techniques. Be extremely cautious of the SEO company you choose to work with.

EMAIL Marketing

As per Forrester Research, 85% of all businesses within the U.S.A. use any form of electronic marketing and Jupiter Research specify that 38 percent of businesses have an e-mail marketing central department. These numbers are shocking. Furthermore it is one of the most efficient of all strategies for eMarketing.

Although it’s a kind directly marketing it’s highly cost-effective, specific and quantifiable. It is possible to measure bounced emails reading receipts, clicks through, read receipts downloads, and click through connect that data to marketing and sales efforts. Although they are increasingly used in the field of couriers, companies are seeing great success selling to customers already in their database to market new products and services that are not known to their customers, promotional offers and other new offerings.


While a website may be an essential requirement for couriers, digital presentations are currently only utilized by a handful of. It is first and foremost important to have a professional web presence, and it is surprising that the majority of couriers within the U.S.A. have poor websites. There are very few who track the traffic flow. Very rarely do websites use the basic techniques taught in the ‘Web Design 101’ course and only a few meet to the minimal requirements of search engines to be considered “search engine friendly”.

For an industry that is based on advanced technology like online order entry, and emerging technologies like GPS tracking, it’s astonishing that the web-based marketing industry isn’t as good. Actually, many websites offer opportunities to beat your competitors. Effective design and implementation of your website is essential to determine the ROI of your website, however this article will determine the methods of marketing via e-mail, but not the most effective way to use it like a well-designed design. However, it is essential that you think about the needs of your company and review your strategy for e-marketing every three years.

A complimentary feature to your site, will be the digital version of your brochure. It’s not an image of your printed brochure it’s an dynamic digital display. The presentations are distributed through different methods including downloads from the website or email attachments CDs, DVDs, CDs as well as memory sticks.

Some couriers require their drivers to carry business-card-sized CDs that have digital presentations, which they send to non-customers and then offer incentives to drivers for every new customer who is that is closed by the sales team when the driver has left the customer without a presentation.

Each presenter can track as to where it originated and who saw it, to whom they emailed it to, and the content they saw. This data is a effective instrument to your sales team in creating new customers. Furthermore, digital presentations aren’t just for marketing purposes by courier businesses. As the market expands, so does the technology for couriers, the majority are making their own digital training videos to fill in the gaps between their existing software applications and the operations of the courier company.


The time for traditional businesses like delivery companies must rethink their marketing strategies has arrived. The days of yellow pages as the best way to attract new customers and couriers must maximize every penny of profit they can from their existing customer base. The shrinking margins, the increasing regulation and an industry that has relatively low barriers to entry mean you’ll need an e-marketing plan. This isn’t something to think about, but e-marketing is something you must implement to stay relevant and profitable.